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Captivated By Love 

This package comes wrapped with a two person (maybe 3) Astrological Venus and Mars connection reading. I give an intuitive analyses from you two’s chart of how to overstand how your lover loves.

Tonight and Forever

This package comes wrapped with a shuffle between two lovers. A Tarot visual of what is written in the stars. Hey! I don’t mean to go that deep. Seriously this Tarot Reading package will give the visual between you two’s tonight or.. forever.

Solid Soul

This package comes wrapped with the playing cards that represent you two’s birthdays. I use an ancient divination system by the Magi’s to see the karmic connection between the two. And my own system I have created through extensive research, and study.

This package comes wrapped with a full package reading of the playing cards birthday karmic connection. With how you will connect through the whole year. I analyze a reading that aides an overstanding of the relationship between the two.

A Lovers Vow

It's Strickly Sexual

Stickly sexual readings only