About Amenti. The Writer

Amenti THE WRITER metaphysical writing has the undertones of romance storytelling. And she also writes Romance stories. She loves to write Romance stories. She is gullible for a great sappy Romance book, and a movie that guarantees a rain scene of confessions of love. While her three children enjoy anime and horror stories. She indulges in another world of genre. She started her metaphysical blog: AstrologyExplainsCelebs (2010), that then transformed into CelebrityOccultCodes in 2013. She is the creator of the Facebook dating site: Conscious Minds Connect; Creator of We Rockin’ Magazine. However, When she is isn’t reading, or writing. She is more likely browsing through the Romance movies section on Netflix. She is very proud of her accomplishments yet knows she still has not done chit. You can connect with Amenti on Facebook under the name: Amenti the Writer. Or her instagram page: instagram.com/AMENTI3.14. Also visit her website. She would enjoy hearing from you.


To give spiritual teachings through undertones

of sentiment storytelling.


Honarable Resume

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Temple Radio Media Company - Oct.2008- Now

Jay King Network- Oct.2013-Jan.2017​

Conversations with Amenti The Writer

Astrologyexplainscelebs.blogspot.com-2010 (original name)

Celebrityoccultcodes.blogspot.com- 2013

Conscious Minds Connect- April.2017

We Rockin' Magazine- 2017.